What are Market Cycles?

What are market cycles?
Markets can be seen as a graph of human emotions and interactions. The fear & greed of humanity is charted everyday in every financial instrument.
There are a multitude of market cycles.  From large ones such as the Kondratieff cycle, seasonal cycles, generational cycles. There is the lunar cycle, the planetary cycles, and the procession of the equinox cycle.
Those of course are all very long in time and slow, ok for long term investments, or for learning to invest in stocks. 
Then we can zoom in somewhat to time frames that are more “tradeable” to make money from investing in stocks and trading in stocks, trading forex, and trading gold and all financial instruments.
Zoom in, and we find cycles on yearly cycles, weekly cycles, daily cycles, even hourly cycles in stocks and indices and forex, every market displays these market cycles.
It can all be quite difficult to monitor. We need to stay focussed on the dominant cycle, and only trade counter trend at certain opportune moments, and don’t stay counter trend for too long. This is what market timing is all about. When to buy stocks, when to sell stocks, when to buy gold, when to sell gold. It can all be tracked and traded.

Cyclist has spent a lifetime learning, finding, studying, understanding, and trading these market cycles.
Everything vibrates. By deep analysis to the molecular level of human beings, we can find tiny vibrations that mirror the larger vibrations seen in the markets. These vibrations are unique to everybody and every financial instrument, but the average of all of this can be seen every day in all timeframes of all financial stocks, in gold, silver, all commodities, and all instruments.

Cyclist has his main focus on the larger movements of stock indexes, such as SP 500/SPX, Dow, Nasdaq, and he also follows smaller companies such as the gold miners, silver companies, and other nicely volatile instruments such as VIX derivatives and GDX the gold miners ETF and of course the US Dollar versus the Yen, Euro and GBP, plus all the cross rates.

We have a very high grade membership. Financial astrologers, economists, old school ex trading floor traders, gold traders, FX traders, Oil traders, and also we have members that are longer term holders and investors of gold and precious metals, others are just here to learn, to research how to trade market cycles and by watching, interacting, reading the archives and asking questions you will learn how to do your own work to understand market cycles.