Foreign currency exchange

Using your bank to move money from one currency to another has become more and more expensive.

There is a better way.

I was once told “FX is all about relationships” but I never really understood what that meant until I had insights from sources closer and closer to the top of the “pyramid” structure of the banking and foreign exchange market.

I can assure you, that lesson I was given many years ago is totally accurate.

I am now in a position to be able to offer YOU better access to a higher level on that pyramid and to tell you how to get a better deal on your FX transfers.

Whether it is for a regular transfer such as pension/cost of living needs, or a larger one off transaction as a result of buying or selling a property or a boat abroad, or just moving money to a “place where you are treated best” you need to contact us to learn how to achieve a better deal.

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