About us

Very little is publicly known about Cyclist, so the best way to describe him is by using an analogy.

Most people around the world know of the car show Top Gear. 

If Market Cycles Research were a car show, Cyclist would be the racing driver Stig.

His identity is unknown, and will remain so. He has been a superstar on Kitco and assisted many people to protect their funds, and many more to grow them substantially.

He tracks more Cycles than most people even know exist, on more tradable financial instruments and metals than most brokerages provide.

His equity curve is probably more beautiful than the the perfect lap, and he is more generous with his time and knowledge than Pythagoras was to his apprentices.

He is known as Cyclist, and he will remain a mystery, as will the secrets behind his craft…..

If we continue with the Top Gear analogy, Hex is a combination of the other 3 characters.

He talks too much, like Clarkson,

He drives an old fashioned car which James May might be happy in,

He has had as many serious car crashes as Hammond!

But he has been surviving in the markets long enough to know enough, yet realises you can never know too much, there’s always more to learn.

He is fascinated by the Global Macro, yet is intensely focused on the short term market vibrations.

He works more hours than actually exist in a day, and he will always be available to assist others that need it.


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